Mathematics 10 Academic

Course Information

Course Date

September 2016 - June 2017

Course outline:

A PDF copy of the course outline can be found here

Online Textbook

The course textbook is available as an electronic book. If you are a Nova Scotia grade 10 mathematics student, you have to have a licence to use this book. Pearson ebook link. Username and password can be obtained in class


Homework is a crucial component of math 10. As a rule homework will be assigned every night.

Homework provides students critical opportunities to gain understanding and achieve the learning outcomes.

The homework may present the opportunity to continue to think about and explore what was discussed in class and/or the opportunity to investigate and make needed observations and conclusions.

It also aids the progression through the learning outcomes.

It makes sense that failure to do homework will impact assessments negatively.

All parts of homework assignments are expected to be attempted completely.

Homework usually will be reflected upon daily and randomly checked for completion.

A student will only be excused if he/she has genuine difficulty and makes the teacher aware of the difficulties prior to the class it is due and arranges for extra help.

Homework will be posted on my website by the end of each school day.

Students who are unwilling or unable to do daily homework should think carefully about this course selection.


Most handouts can be downloaded by following this link.

Augmented Reality

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has a mobile app for smartphones, tablets, etc. that works with the textbook to enhance a few of the diagrams. As of May 2015, there are a few questions in chapters 1 and 2 that work with the app. Please see the document at this link for more information.

Attendance and what to do when absent

Appropriate attendance is also crucial in order to be successful in math.

Missing classes for any reason will make success more difficult or even impossible.

If a student misses a class it is their responsibility to find out what was done by checking the website and/or speaking with a classmate, obtain notes from the website and/or a classmate, attempt the assignment(s) etc.

After that has been done a student is welcome to seek assistance from the teacher.

Students who are unwilling or unable to maintain an appropriate attendance record should think carefully about this course selection.


Math can and must be studied. Routine studying will be required to be successful in math at this level.

Extra Help

Extra help with a specific question or homework assignment or larger sections of material is always available.

Extra help can be arranged before school, at recess, lunch or after school upon request.


If concerns arise regarding homework, effort, behaviour etc.

An attempt may be made to contact home, but this is often difficult due to work schedules, limited time or the sheer number of students.

It is hoped that this introduction/outline will help to prevent the need for that kind of contact as we all work together to make the year a success.

If an e-mail address can be provided below that could help greatly if contact is required. We would encourage parents to not wait for contact from the school, but instead try to monitor progress as closely as possible at home.

Do you see evidence of homework being attempted, as well as studying? Have you seen a test or quiz lately? Avon View provides one parent teacher opportunity per semester as well as periodic subject reports.

Please watch for those. Parents can also gain access to students’ grades on the internet through PowerSchool.

Contact the school for details.

Also feel free to contact us by e-mail with questions, concerns or for updates.

That can be done via the school website (follow the Parents and Staff Contacts links).

Teacher web sites can be accessed in the same manner.

As mentioned previously my site will be used to post homework as well as other potential information.

Despite the encouraged home and school contact it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to fulfill all of the requirements (i.e. homework, proper attendance, studying, extra help etc.) to ensure their success.

Course Length and Credits

Mathematics 10 is a newly designed 220-hour course.

Students will have math class every day for their gr. 10 year.

Math 10 is an academic high school math course which is a pre-requisite for all other academic and advanced math courses.

Successful completion will result in two math credits—one of these is an eligible credit for the two math credits required for graduation.

The other credit is an eligible credit for the “two others from mathematics, science, and/or technology.”


The four concentration areas are:

Evaluation (Tentative)

Mathematics 10 Provincial Exam

Students will write the Mathematics 10 Provincial Exam on Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The exam will contribute 20% to the final course mark.

Examination questions, either in selected response or constructed response format, are used to evaluate mathematical thinking and understanding in relation to measurement, algebra & number, relations & functions, and financial mathematics.

Learner Profile

Students will be evaluated for the Learner Profile portion of their report cards on the following categories using the qualifiers consistently, usually, sometimes, and rarely.

Classwork and Assignments

Interactions with Others

Organizational Skills

Responsibility and Independence

Course Requirements

The course will require the usual necessities such as a binder, ruler, pencils, erasers the provided texts etc. as well as a graphing calculator.

The replacement costs for non-returned or damaged texts are at least: $82 (main text) and $25 (financial math text).

The gr.10 academic math course requires a graphing calculator (TI 83, TI 83+, TI 84 or TI 84+).

The calculator could be considered an expensive item to purchase. Please understand that using the calculator is not a school-based decision.

It is a requirement of the curriculum.

A limited number of calculators will be available to borrow for a refundable deposit.

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